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How It Works


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We’ve curated items including vintage bottles, teardrop-shaped jewelry, home decor, prints and more. We have picked some of our favorites here. Or you can shop all items here.

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If you are shipping a gift to a friend, please put the address of your friend in the "Shipping" section at checkout.

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Write a Message

Please write your message of comfort to your friend in the "Add a Gift Message" section of the checkout process. (see below for how your message is printed + shipped)

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Receive an Email

Orders are processed in 7-10 business days, not including shipping time. All orders shipped via USPS. You'll receive a confirmation email when your order ships.

What They Will Receive In Their Gift


When you place an order through Bottle of Tears, you are receiving a curated gift experience for those who need hope. Each order is hand packaged in a brown kraft box by Lindsey. Gifts are placed in the box with a mini Psalm 56:8 print, a card that explains the heart behind Bottle of Tears and a coupon for their first purchase. 

Your notes are printed on a beautiful notecard and shipped with the package.
Each package is packed and shipped via USPS.


** Prints do not receive the mini print + boxes. Prints do include your note printed on the Bottle of Tears notecards.
Prints are shipped by themselves in protective plastic sleeve with stabilizer.